Dslr Camera Bag

Dslr Camera Bag
is it necessary to bring the whole dslr bag?

ok..so im going to this party and of course i wouldn’t miss a moment so im bringing my dslr…but like the question says..is it necessary to bring the whole dslr bag? in my bag i got an extra lens, charger…an speedlight flash and some other stuff…or do i just bring my camera? i dunno…it might look weird to people…. 😐

Bring what you think you will need.

If the party is inside, then I would only bring one lens that works well for short distances – how far away could you be? Also, if it is inside, I would bring the flash, unless you know that your camera does very well in low light situations.

An outside party is more complicated, because you might want longer shots to get people on the opposite side of the space from you, which might mean either a zoom lens or a longer one. If the party is during the day, ouside, then leave the flash at home.

Bring a spare set or two of batteries in your pocket and forget the charger.

Will you be driving to this party and will the car be close by? If that’s the case, then bring the whole Camera Bag, but take only what you need for the moment with you and leave the bag in your car. You can go back to it later if you need to.

Basically, I would try to be comfortable at the party. That won’t happen if you have to carry the camera bag around with you, or worry about it if you set it down someplace. Go light. You may miss a few shots, but you will probably have more fun.

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