Dual Mode Wireless

Dual Mode Wireless

4G Wireless Internet For Your On The Go Lifestyle

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Are you one of those people who think of your Cell Phone as an extension of your right hand, or that is constantly accompanied by the information box of your laptop computer? Are you prone to trying to complete your business anywhere you can possible do it? Well if you fall under the category of these symptoms you know that with the new developments of wireless internet technology, you can now take your work and internet anywhere within your city with 4G Wireless Internet.

4G simply mean that it is the fourth generation of mobile wireless internet service and the newest technology to help you navigate through your business and city at the same time. 4G has speeds of up to six mega bytes per second which allows for incredibly fast downloads of online business documents without having to take a break out of your work concentration. Although the best overall feature of 4G is that you can use your breaks off of work in the park, bus station, or diner to plug into the World Wide Web without the necessary Wi-Fi zones or service passwords. Accompanied by the state of the art new Wimax technology you can now receive broadband speeds anywhere in the 4G network. This means any public or private space within major metropolitan places.

With Wi-Fi you can usually bank on receiving a good connection in restaurants of building in which Wi-Fi is offered, yet security in several of such places can be suspect at time and sometimes you many run into clogged networks with low hot spot connection. Wimax technology gets rid of these problems by connecting citywide Wi-Fi hot spots through and interactive web of convertibility which can extend for miles and with secure frequency you won’t have to worry about a suspect connection.

What if you travel outside of this city of secure and sure connection? Well 4G also offers a dual mode card that makes the transition back to a 3G network possible. You may lose sight of the 4G network but you can still maintain connection through the more standard 3G. In general, 4G wireless internet is the maximum connection for the on the go businessman. You can chat by Skype with associates across the globe while taking a taxi to the airport or watch a live televised basketball game on the train on your way home from work. If you can use this service while doing things moving forward at the same time you are sure to become a fan in no time.

Family members will also love the ability of the 4G network as they use your computer on family trips to connect and play video games or research information for their school papers. You could even download music and provide listening entertainment for the whole trip. If you imagine yourself spending too much time on the road whether commuting or travelling you can find some solace in the incredible opportunities waiting for you with 4G wireless internet.

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Don’t wait for the next business trip, get prepared now with 4g wireless internet. With 4g internet you’ll be in good shape to move forward while staying connected.

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