Duo Memory Stick

Duo Memory Stick

The Members Of The Memory Stick Family

The Memory Stick, which is typically abbreviated as simply MS, is a form of removal flash memory that was created in 1998 by Sony. Although Memory Stick is an actual brand name, the term is often used to describe all forms of data storage that utilize the same type of technology. These include the PRO, Duo, PRO duo, Micro, and PRO-HG. Despite its name, the Memory Stick is not the same as DIMM of dynamic RAM, SIMM, or a Usb Flash Drive.

Although a number of different products have been added to the family since its initial launch, the original Stick was only available in memory capacities of up to 128 MB. The PRO, however, allowed for an increase in storage capacity and was also faster at completing file transfers. In fact, Sony claims it has a potential of 32 GB of memory.

The Duo is a smaller version of the original product, as is the PRO duo. Sony later came out with the Micro as an even smaller version of its technology, while the PRO-HG was released in 2006 and intended for use in high definition still cameras and high definition video cameras.

This family of storage devices has been around for much longer than other flash data storage types but is not as widely used as the SD card. For the most part, the only devices that utilize the Memory Stick are those products that are also made by Sony. These products include digital music players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, PlayStation Portable, and mobile phones. Today, the Stick is also manufactured by Lexar and by SanDisk.

The Stick can be easily removed from the device in which it is used and can then be used with a personal computer. A Digital Camera may use the Memory Stick for taking pictures and the user may then use a reader that is capable of reading memory sticks in order to access the images with a computer, thereby copying the pictures directly from the card to the computer. Any other file can be copied from the Memory Stick in the same way.

Older Memory Cards are compatible with newer Memory Stick drives and the Duo can be used with an adapter. Pro and PRO Duo, on the other hand, typically cannot be supported by older drivers. Always keep compatibility in mind when dealing with storage and electronic devices, or you may find yourself up the creek without a paddle!

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