Duo Usb Card

Duo Usb Card

Hi Capacity & Hi Performance Memory Stick-Pro Duo 16 Gb

Life has become comfortable with new electronic devices that are developed in this digital age. There is no need to carry heavy loads of compact disk, albums, or cassettes while travelling or during a shift. Everything could easily be fitted into a thumb sized memory stick. Memory Stick Duo was initially developed for the purpose of storage. But they had a disadvantage of low space of up to only 128 MB which is too low. Also memory stick duo had low transfer rates. Memory Stick Pro duo 16 GB is mainly developed to replace the memory stick duo. This product has a huge space of 16 GB. This could store 110 minute high definition video recorded in 1920 mode and almost six hours of HD video when shooting in 1440 LP mode. Size of this product is only about the size of postage stamp. Also they have high transfer speed compared to other memory stick. Large amount of video could be quickly and easily transferred between the devices using this Memory Stick Pro Duo 16 GB. It could be removed from camcorders and placed in memory stick media slot in compatible computers for sharing and editing the contents.

This product is an ideal solution to high definition Digital Cameras, DSLR cameras and camcorders. They are available with and without magicgate support. In near future this pro duo cards will be extended to store even up to even 2 tera bytes of data. Also this product is readily available in all stores and could also be purchased online. This product is not too expensive. Most of the manufacturers provide warranty period on its purchase. The growing demand for high capacity memory cards for storing high resolution pictures and videos is almost satisfied with Memory stick pro duo 16 GB.

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Unboxing microSD to MS Pro Duo Adapter, Usb Card Reader/Writer, and PSP/DS Case