Dust Protector

Dust Protector
where can i buy pillow and mattress protectors cheap for my allergy to house dust mites?

i recently had allergy tests and im allergic to house dustmites. they said i need pillow and mattress protectors – where can i get them from? and what sort of price would they cost? cant afford anything expensive – did a google search and it came up with one that was £7.99 for one pillow protector – i cant afford that thats rediculous price. i need them asap to see if they relieve my allergies and eczema

Keep looking but also do some extra housework (not saying you don’t – we all have dust mites in the bed).

Hoover the bed once a week, this will take away dust mites and also skin – their food. Inthe morning, don’t make the bed, pull back the covers and leave the sheets exposed – this dries the bed from overnight sweat and the dust mites hate the dryness, then make the bed at lunch time or when you get in in the evening (also the bed gets nicely aired). Same with the pillows, turn them over each day

Then you can save up for the matress covers

Sony PSP Slim lite 2000 Dust cap protector (yellowmangoes.com)