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Easy Share
Easy Share and Ziddu, which is a better free upload file hosting for earning money?

Easy Share vs Ziddu for free file upload hosting, which is the better in terms of making money and also usage? which one you prefer to use?

Ziddu vs Easy Share
Ziddu is better.
Usage: Ziddu no waiting time, Easy share need password and waiting time for free account. Ziddu also allow parallel download which easy share not allow. Speed wise is quite smilar but Ziddu seems faster for me.

Earning money: Ziddu is better. Ziddu has a falt rate which pay 10,000 for US 10. Easy share pay higher for certain country but Easy share pay just 0.1 for 10,000 for many other countries. If you are targeting global, Ziddu is your choice. Ziddu pay you by PayPal and Moneybookers and Easy Share only PayPal which end up some countries people can not make money form it. Also, Easy share only allow premium account to withdraw money, and you hv to pay money for it. Referal rate is different as Ziddu is free account. So Easy SHare seems higher, but most people favour Ziddu as you no need to pay to earn money.

http://www.ziddu.com/register.php?referralid=(yIaj(h86* to register.
To see an example for Ziddu download link, see here

OK, Ziddu is better for earn money compare Easy share

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