Egg Shape Hand

Egg Shape Hand
Could this lesion be benign…?

My dad is 82 and has smoked since age 16. He has never really inhaled deeply though…it’s more like he just enjoys having the cigarette in his hand. Anyway he has an “egg shaped” lesion in like the middle of his lungs. He is not coughing or spitting up blood and he has no pain…just a little short of breath. His chest X-ray last year came back clear. He just had a ct scan following this years chest X-ray that revealed this lesion. He is scheduled for a biopsy next week, but in the meantime the doctor wants blood tests done. The doctor said it “looked malignant” What does this all mean? Could it just be a benign mass afterall? Is the doctor’s “assumption” going to be right?? I’m praying that it is benign as is our whole family and church. We love him so much. He is still a very active guy and works at the Hyatt Newporter in California as a bellman where he has worked for 17 years. Please can someone give me an optimistic and hopeful answer.
Sincerely Colleen

Most doctors don’t go out on a limb and say it “looks malignant” if they have any reasonable doubt of it being benign. Still, they can be wrong sometimes.

The not inhaling really deeply thing, though, that’s a denial mechanism that smokers do. (Having been a smoker, I can say this with some certainty.)

At 82, after a lifetime of smoking, he has punished his lungs for a very long time. Something as large as an egg is honestly not a good sign.

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