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About Memory Cards

Memory cards are different under different agreements, appearance and speed, but the basic storage methods like!

For example, now the Digital Camera general use built-in memory and storage memory card (also some high-end machines using micro hard drives), these memory and memory cards are the core of NAND FLASH (This is what we often say that the flash memory), these chips use and drive is basically the same as USB Flash Drives.

Flash memory is from the closure of the initial data after the power is not lost derived from CD-ROM of memory. Electricity can be rewritten ROM is EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory). A bit EEPROM can write and delete. However, because of operation is based on, write slowly, and high power consumption. Therefore, the people will have to find a bit but not by units to block the inclusion and deletion of memory. This is the flash. Its name comes from the one-time to delete features. Some said that the clear, only a flash memory integrated circuit chips!

Therefore, the general situation in Reading Memory Card Reader with data, as in the same document U intraday operation using the same method as that!

Flash Memory Cards are often the cards, mainly the following categories, are at the core of NAND Flash memory chip cards:

A: What is the CF card? What are the characteristics of it?

CF card full name is Compact Flash Card, is SanDisk introduced in the 1994 first. Because of the openness of the technology, have been introduced to the broad support of the industry. Then there are more than 100 manufacturers together, in 1995 set up a pocket-sized flash Association, or CFA (Compact Flash Association). In the vigorous promotion of CFA, CF standards has undergone an unprecedented development and prosperity, a removable storage medium at the standard interfaces. Even now, there are still a lot of digital camera manufacturers use CF cards as a storage medium, but also widely used in handheld computers, television set-top boxes and even multimedia phones.

Storage capacity, low cost, compatibility, and these are the advantages of CF card, shortcomings is larger. In addition, the CF card and still TYPE ? two TYPE II interface, the use of Digital Cameras is more CF TYPE ? interface.

B: What is SM card? What are the characteristics of it?

SM card full name is SmartMedia Card, also known as solid-state floppy disk card (Solid State Floppy Disk Cards, SSFDC), from Toshiba Corporation 1995 release, and the CF card belong to the same generation Flash Memory Card. Smart Media cards using single-chip storage, and so they limit its maximum capacity, the current maximum capacity of only 128 MB versions of products. In addition, since no built-SM interface circuit card, the strong dependence of the equipment, so he’s not as compatibility and speed CF card.

C: What is MMC card? What are the characteristics of it?

MMC full name is MultiMedia Card, SanDisk Corporation by the United States and Germany’s Siemens (Siemens) companies jointly develop a multi-function memory card, mainly for mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras and MP3 players and other digital products. MMC card size only 32 mm x 24mm x 1.4mm (L × W × D), only 2 g weight around.

D: What is the SD card? What are the characteristics of it?

SD card full name is Security Digital Card, by Matsushita (Panasonic), Dong-Zhi (TOSHIBA) SanDisk Corporation and the United States jointly developed a company. SD cards can be seen as derived from the MMC card, it more than the MMC card for copyright protection in the data signal, authentication (SDMI specifications). SD card and more MP3 player, digital camera, digital camera, with its projected area and MMC cards the same, only slightly thick, 2.1 mm, but much larger capacity SD cards, and the read and write speed MMC card four times faster. At the same time, the SD Card interface is compatible with the MMC, SD Card interface supports most of MMC card. Currently SD card in the digital camera is rapidly widespread, much as the mainstream trend.

E: What is a memory stick? What are the characteristics of it?

Memory Stick full name is Memory Stick Pro duo, it is by Japan’s Sony Corporation (Sony) developed by the company removable storage media.

Memory Stick family is very large, many species are generally divided into the following types:

Blue Memory Stick commonly known as the “Blue” is the most frequently used memory stick, and more used in digital cameras and digital camera which has the copyright protection function, and more for Sony’s digital music player; “Memory Stick Pro” is a new release soon Memory Stick specifications at present there is no Chinese name Not only does it have the same white and copyright protection function, but very fast speed, capacity is up to 32 GB; “Memory Stick Duo” Memory Stick family is the Most Compact in size, it can interface adapters compatible with the Memory Stick, which also had two blue and white, blue Entitled “Memory Stick Duo,” the white called “Memory Stick PRO MAGICGATE”, a copyright protection function, capacity is much more serious. Sony Ericsson (Sony Ericsson) P802 phone is the use of the “Memory Stick Duo.”

F: What is the XD card? What are the characteristics of it?

XD Card Full name is XD-Picture Card, by Japan Fuji Photo Film and Olympus Corporation to develop a new generation of memory cards, people who were considered SM cards to replace. Now Olympus and Fujitsu company’s new digital camera basically adopted this new type of flash memory card, compact size, speed is its main features, but the current higher prices.

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