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Eos Digital
Anyone know anything about the Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi camera?

Anyone know anything about the Canon Eos Digital Rebel Xti camera? I’ve had a Dslr Camera in the past that didn’t give me the quality of photos that I was looking for and was told that this is a great camera. Can anyone who owns this camera tell me what it’s like? Is it easy to use? And more importantly do you know of a website or store that sells them at a good price?

It is a good entry level DSLR.
I would not rule out the Nikon D40/D60 series of cameras either.

Camera equipment is generally not discounted much, so any place that has camera gear for more than $100-200 under MSRP is probably a rip-off.

I work with and trust the following:

If you find other places online, check out their rating at:

If they have anything less than an 8, I’d stay away from them. If they are not even listed, i’d stay away from them.

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