Eos Digital Rebel

Eos Digital Rebel
How can I install a program to get the pictures off of my EOS Digital Rebel on a mac computer?

I had the software on my windows laptop which crashed. I want to install the program so that I can transfer files from the camera to my mac yet I haven’t found where I can download this software at.

If you have a Macintosh with OS X you should already have iPhoto on it. iPhoto should start automatically as soon as you plug the camera into it (via the usb cord that should’ve come with your camera) if it doesn’t, start it and it will automatically recognize the camera and ask if you want to import the photos.

Additionally, you should be able to do it without any software. Plug the camera into the Mac, and a little removable drive icon will appear on your desktop. Double click it to open it and your pictures will be in there. Drag and drop them onto your hard drive in the folder where you want them.

My Mac has recognized every camera I’ve plugged in without any extra software, from Sony, Pentax, to Cannon.

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