Eos Lens Hood

Eos Lens Hood
Canon EF 75-300 is there a difference between these two?

Hi I have noticed from a couple of pictures that I have seen what appears to be the same lens but where it says Image Stabilizer on one it just has the words and on the other its in a little silver plague type thing, does anyone know what the difference is???

For examples see..



erm thats PlaQue not plague lol
*Slaps head completely missed that ! thanks lol

they are nearly identical… I’m not sure what the guy above me is talking about… they are very very similar lenses… there is a slight difference in range… lens #2 has 5mm extra on the wide end (nearly nothing)… and lens #1 is a bit faster at f4.0 on the wide end instead of f4.5 on lens #2… but they are both stabilized and both have the USM motors on them… one is probably just an “updated” (minor changes and a cosmetic change) version of the other… I would go with lens #1 personally… it’s a bit faster and the extra 5mm on lens #2 makes no difference… #1 also looks more solidly built to me…

PS as I am not a Canon user, I cannot really comment on the image quality of those lenses, I’m simply going by the specifications/descriptions… possibly other Canon users might tell you how they stack up optically against each other…

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