Essentials Filter Kit

Essentials Filter Kit
Do I need an air pump in this tank?

I’ve just bought a ‘starter kit’ for keeping goldfish. It is a 25L tank, and came with a filter and lighting. I’ve rinsed everything, measured water conditioner, and everything, just leaving it to settle for a week or so now before adding fish (I’m planning on about 3 or 4 fish).

I’m a little concerned that the kit didn’t come with an air pump for oxygenation, neither did the set-up guide mention one. I had tropical fish ages ago when I was young and dimly remember our tank having an air pump and everything – but then that tank was much larger with a lot more fish.

Is an air pump essential, or does the fortnightly changing of water add enough new oxygen?

I was also thinking about adding live plants. Would these add enough oxygen into the water without a pump?

Thanks 🙂

you don’t need an air pump. most filters provide adequate oxygen by agitating the surface much like a river. If you have a filter that is completely submersed then you do need one.

The air pump is just for additional oxygenation. With a little creativity, air bubbles can look really pretty in a tank.

yes it would be a lot better if you get live plants coz it can contribute to the oxygen supply..

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