Extension Tube Olympus

Extension Tube Olympus
How well will an extension tube for a zuiko 35mm macro lens work?

I have the e-500 by olympus with the 35mm macro lens. I love the lens but hate the fact that you have to be right on top of your subject. I wish I could afford to buy a faster lens that will focus well enough to photograph insects but I cant. I am looking for alternatives. I bought the evolt and the 35mm macro because they were cheap. I also love shooting birds but I cant afford the lenses they recommend for that. If you know anything about photographing insects or any tricks for me because you have to be about an inch from the insects to get any good detail but as it turns out bugs dont like to be crowded and neither do birds. Are there any good zoom lenses out there that are relatively cheap for photographing birds? If you have the same camera and lens as me please send me some of your macro shots so I know how I am doing(sharpness,color,etc..). I was looking at the 70-300mm by zuiko for around 400.00 bucks. Anybody use that lens?

Being “on top” of your subject has more to do with the length of the macro lens. We use 100 mm macro lenses for giving us more distance between the subject and lens. There are even some 180 mm and 200 mm macro lens.

As far as shooting birds, you will need a longer lens … the 70-300 mm would be perfect for that.

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