Extension Tube Ring

Extension Tube Ring
Questions for the common laboratory apparatuses!.. Pls, help! Gracias!?

1. test tube
2.florence flask
3. beaker
4. erlenmeyer flask
5. graduated cylinder
6. glass funnel
7. watch glass
8. evaporating dish
9.crucible with cover
10.reagent bottle
11. glass tubing
12. magnifying lens
13. spot plate
14. alcohol lamp
15. pipette
16. stirring rod
17. extension clamp
18. iron stand
19. clay triangle
20. thermometer
21. rubber tubing
22. test tube holder
23. volumetric flask
24. right-angle clamp
25. iron ring
26. wire gauze
27. asbestos mat board
28. spring balance
29. crucible tong
30. triple beam balance
31.test tube brush
32. tripod
33. mortar and pestle
34. spatula
35. test tube rack
36. rubber aspirator

Which Instruments are used for measuring liquid?
For storing liquid reagents and chemicals?
Which instruments are used for support in heating?

Pls. Answer, Thanks! Gracias!

Nobody is going to answer a 36 question homework assignment for you. Try reading the book..

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