Extension Tube Set

Extension Tube Set

Benefits of Air Knife and Vortex Tube

Air Knives are the finest equipments for cleaning, large drying or cooling applications. They can be used for different industrial use as well as residential purpose for various industries. There are different types of air knives available that differs in the technology used and the level of work it can do. There is regular air knife, advanced air knife, customized air knife, jet air knife and more. Each air knife accomplishes the same work, but the magnitude and advancement is different.

Advanced air knife, customized air knife, jet air knife are technologically at the higher version from the regular ones. Air Knives used for drying, cleaning or material removal complete their work in a two-stage process: Firstly, a high velocity air stream is intended to roll the liquid or material back, creating a standing wave at the point of shear and leaving a thin, residual layer. Secondly, as the point of impact of the imposing air flow passes over the residual layer, this layer is crushed or atomized to form minute liquid droplets which are carried away by the air stream to leave a clean, dry surface. Non-liquids are also blown away and removed in this second phase.

Air Knives can make use of temperature or convenient air pressure to offer extra evaporation, materials-setting, cooling, heating, curing or coating control ability. Each system is planned taking into consideration the exact material distinctiveness and processing requirements of the products involved .Air Knife provides clean, precise air flow for any application. They can be custom designed as per your specifications to precisely direct air flow at the spot where you exactly need it. Various manufacturers who offer air knives also offer Vortex Tube that can produce cold air using small amounts of compressed air. Vortex tubes can be used to cool workers, machines, and electrical enclosures without the use of electricity or Freon. Vortex Tube is an efficient, affordable solution to an extensive variety of industrial spot cooling and process cooling needs. With no moving parts, a vortex tube spins compressed air to separate the air into cold and hot air streams.

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Vortex tube by Streamtek Corp. is effective solutions for industrial spot and process cooling needs. Small Vortex tubes and Medium Vortex Tubes are constructed of stainless steel, reliable, maintenance free-operation.Air Knife by Stream-tek are efficient and energy saving systems for blow-off, compressed air for large drying and cooling.

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