Extension Tube Set

Extension Tube Set
Digital Lens Question?

I have a Canon XTI, and I use a 75-300 zoom lens. I would like to get more distance shots, bring objects closer, do I use an extension tube or a extender set? I do alot of bird photos and it seems I cannot get close enough with this lens. Is there a way to increase my distance with this lens, without buying a $2000 lens? Thanks

Extension tubes are for cheap macro photography (bugs, flowers, etc).

If you use a teleconverter, like the others suggest, you’ll gain magnification but it won’t be worth what you’ll lose.

You’ll lose 2 stops of light, so your shutter speed will be 1/4 of what it would be without the converter. This will make it almost impossible to hold still. It will also lower the quality of the lens.

Another problem will be that the 2-stop light loss will pretty much blind the camera making it unable to autofocus, and it will be almost impossible to manul focus accurately. If you’re not willing or able to buy a better lens (pretty close to $2K), just live with what you have and crop the image.

Just practice getting closer to your subject. It just requires patience.

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