External Flash Light

External Flash Light

How to take a picture in low light? Introduction to the benefits of external flash photography

The main problem that users of cameras more digital complain about the impossibility of taking pictures in low light. It may seem the easiest thing. If it is dark, the camera automatically Flash appears out and boom! the lights in the room and everyone is flashing white spot in his eyes. Still, the grandmother looks like a zombie and his best friend seems to have been bitten by a vampire.

So what are you doing wrong? First, it uses the built in flash. A large no no. If you have a point and shooter, you really have no choice. The best thing to do is have a good look around you and never put objects in front of a mirror or reflective object when you are planning to flash.

If you have a better, bigger camera with a shoe, you should get an external flash and do it quickly. The use of an external flash can drastically change your photos. First, help reduce the annoying red-eye that frankly, most point and fires can not do. external flash allows you to change the direction and angle of the light so it will not recover from the subject's eyes.

external flash also works eliminate shadows of wonder how the pictures and can give a nice depth to the grandmother rather than make her look like a flat cardboard. But best of this type of photography flash is powerful illumination of these devices deliver. When using a flash, most of the time you will notice dark spots on the margins Photo, due to low light. external flash casts a strong light flash and ends "Falling" at the corners of the photo.

If you're new flash photography, note that your camera has a basic configuration, each one gives you looking for a different photo. Notice that there is a "P" a "TV", "Av" and an "M"

  • P – The camera uses the flash as main light source. You will not need a tripod, even when the lights are low. That is very good although the bottom may seem very dark.
  • AV / TV – The first camera with light and only available after the flash is activated and fill the foreground. Your pictures will look better, but you need a tripod.
  • M – Stands for the manual and you is to make one vaccine.

There are many external flash units available in the market. Input is pro flash units and flash unit level and the level Prices vary accordingly. external flash units can be very expensive so we suggest that from the cheapest until you get your photography skills flash together, and only then start climbing the list of models.

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