Eye Macro Lens

Eye Macro Lens
nikon d40 macro help plzzzzz?

Ok here is what happnening I have the lens set at A ( auto) the camera is set on flower ( macro) and when i try to take pictures and press the round button to take a picture it works as zoom the more i keep pressing the button the more its zooming in and out….. how to take picture then if this button not working…….. i clik like 50 times on this button then finaly it takes the picture. When i see in the eye cup inside i see three like this [] [] [] and the last one [] blinks red when i press the round silver button. what to do? ( i do not want this camera on auto i want to keep it on macro)

Your lens is hunting for a subject to focus on. You’ll have to manual focus on the subject first, then you can put it back on Auto focus to lock in that focus. Then you will be able to take the picture.

BTW, A (auto) is the default picture taking (camera has all control over settings). The flower is for macros. The Nikon D40s are manual focus cameras. You will only be able to auto focus with the lens is an Auto Focus Lens.

Since you have DSLR and if you seriously get into macro photography, it would be best to buy a macro lens. You didn’t mention if you were useing a macro lens or a standard zoom lens. If you buy a macro lens, you don’t need to worry about using the macro setting.

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