Face Coated Lens

Face Coated Lens

Digital Camera Repair Problem # 2 – Broken Lens

Repair digital Camera Lens is as common as LCD repair, but is # 2 on my list because it is more difficult to repair and there are many different types of problems, while a broken lens LCD is broken LCD screen no matter how you look.

Here are some basic tips to avoid breaking the lens:

– Keep your camera batteries in the Camera Bag. The power button can pressed accidentally causing the objective of widening and jammed it can not open properly in the bag.
– Try not to drop the camera with the extended target.
– Never pull or twist on a lens that does not work 100% correctly, you just broke.

I would write a book to explain fully the problems of the lens in its entirety (hmm.. maybe a good idea!) so I'll try to keep it simple and informative.

The lens is made of many different pieces … Let's start with the various pieces of glass that refers to elements of the lens.

The outer lens element is prone to be scratched and scratched and usually has a special coating on what you do NOT want to clean with isopropyl alcohol (alcohol), or Windex or something similar. Not the end of the world, and do not worry if not found. Just keep the lens clean (why there are fingerprints on the lens anyway?) And free of scratches.

The center of most elements of the lens is responsible for fine focus and is right in front of the CCD. Pressing the shutter button half way to focus, this part moves and forth until it is in the correct position and its image is in focus. You will not be playing with this part of the lens … unless you feel like removal of the lens of the camera and then shoot down the target to reach him by 'guts'. It's a little funny the first time, but uh … I wish you luck to get back together correctly. The smashing things is fun, it's put back together a drag!

The lens has two small motors with their own gears to connected to the two main parts of the lens. Large motor drives the lens barrel and when the zoom. The smaller engine drives fine focus element before above and controls the focus. If you get a grain of sand in those gears, can be frozen and the objective will be "error" as we like to say. Open it and clean it if you like, but not easy. Normally, the main engine of the lens has 5-6 different gears that must be set and aligned correctly to work. Anyway, the lens as is jammed, why not see how it works, right?

Then there is the CCD, charge-coupled device "which translates to light entering the lens in a digital signal that the camera can record.

There was a large recall of Sony CCD in recent years involving many manufacturers and not just Sony, as Sony provided the CCD to many of his cameras. The cause of the defects of the CCD camera to take pictures solid black or purple / pink "drip from the painting, photos, or have repeated horizontal white lines verticle or images. If your camera does, call the manufacturer and tell them you want a relief under the Convention to remember no matter how old the camera is! If you are on the list, you might get your camera repaired for free.

Do you have spots on the images get bigger and smaller as you zoom in and out? More likely is a specification of dust on the CCD. You will have to remove the lens and then remove the CCD from the back of the lens and clean it off. Do not miss the board that goes around the Convention, have no other of dirt inside the lens and not leave fingerprints! Tall order I know, sorry, I'm picky. =)

Let's see … What else? Its aim is to leave hand, trapped in a corner because the camera was released at the same time on. Now please read carefully, the aim should be hit a little off or the entire way, and a section of the lens should be stuck at an angle. The lens should not move freely throughout this section to apply, and you may follow this advice YOUR RISK RESPONSIBILITY. The repair work following trick, but I'm not repsonse of your actions or anything that makes the camera.

Ok, is trapped in a corner. Hold the camera with the lens angle, resting on the edge of a table, and the rest of the camera hanging over the side. Do not put the camera down to the "Canon Zoom Lens … "section of the chrome ring on the table. The rounded edge of the lens must be what contact here. … Now here's the hard part … press the angle of the lens back into alignment by pushing down on the lens at the edge of the table. Put your fingers on the lens below the angles supporting and press firmly but gently (How I can do that? "I do not know .. you just do it) and the lens either POP! in place and working very well or does not move and not damage, will take place,-O-one of the guide "pins" that run inside a small track in the lens body, and newly arising destroy the lens.

I told you was at your own risk! repair of the camera is very funny … Right?

Ok, how we feel about the lens? I think we've covered most of the basic problems, and I hope this helps you repair the camera faster and cheaper!

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