Face Smile

Face Smile

Smile & Take Photographs with Samsung S8000 Jet

Life is not a bed of roses. No matter whether a person plans it or not. The incidences which come across on the road of life are just unpredictable. Sometimes we want to put a smile but the backpack of tension gets so heavy that we cannot do this simple activity. But we have to do it and many folks are doing it.

When we smile then our faces glow and emanates the genuine vibes of our pleasant personality. If you don’t believe at this then why not take pictures of our smiling faces with a leading mobile phone like the Samsung S8000 Jet. It has a 5 Megapixel camera which smartly take pictures of any scenery.

Its camera features face, smile and blink detection. Just place the camera in front of your face and smile. Then you will see how masterfully this camera takes different shots of your smiling faces. Isn’t that automatic? Well it seems that machines do have emotions like that of the human beings. It is the charisma of the contemporary mobile technology.

When we live on this earth then we just don’t live for ourselves because the principle of life enforces us to care for other as well. If one of our buddies is in anxiety then what we can do is we can take him to a shopping mall or to a beautiful park. Try to understand from what he is passing through and give him the right suggestions.

Now if we have the Cheap Samsung S8000 Jet then we can take the photographs of his smiling faces. There’s no doubt why he would not love it. Hey..! that’s not the end. Since this Sony Ericsson phone is also equipped with a faster emailing feature we can send to the buddy the attachment of smiling faces in a beautiful email. If possible we can also add some naughty jokes which will make our buddy laugh aloud. Well this is the responsibility for those who believe in true friendships.

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