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Sharp 108” LCD TV /display: an Eye-catcher for Businesses

In November, Sharp India did the product release for the largest flat panel LCD display in the world – the 108-inch LB-1085 model. It is an eye-catcher that stops you in your tracks to just look at the crystal clear picture — better than what one would see in a movie theater.


Basic Features: With screen dimensions of 93.9-inches wide by 52.9-inches high (7.8-feet by 4.4-feet), full-HD resolution with 6.21 million pixels (1,920 x 1,080), a TFT (thin-film transistor) active matrix drive system, and array of inputs, including HDMITM, Blue-ray and DVI-I for high definition connections, it is not surprising that the picture is awe-inspiring. The contrast ratio is 1200:1, producing a good black color, the brightness is 400 cd/m2, producing bright vivid colors, and the response speed of 6ms is super-fast for viewing fast moving videos. Once you see a movie or play a video game on this screen, you cannot imagine viewing a smaller screen. However, at current prices of INR 97 lakhs, this is only going to be accessible to a few exclusive high net-worth individuals and sure to be a prize possession for the limited few that can afford these TVs.


Business Value Proposition:The value proposition should be more acceptable to corporate looking to leverage world-class infrastructure to attract and retain customers or those building an office or boardroom environment that will be current for a few years. The fan-less design makes the 108-inch Sharp LCD display more attractive than the 103-inch Panasonic Plasma display, not because of the larger size but because of the robustness cutting edge LCD technology and closed fan-less design architecture. Combine the robustness of the unit with fact that LCD images are easier to view in ambient light than plasma images, viewing angles being approximately the same (the viewing angle for the 108-inch Sharp LCD is 176°) and the fact that LCD displays can be operated 24×7 for over 5 years with no deterioration in image quality, 108-inch Sharp LCD should be the longer term choice for businesses.


Other features will welcomed by businesses:


· Remote Monitoring and Management of Monitors: Up to 100 LCD monitors can be monitored and managed remotely. For example, the power can be switched off to conserve energy and remote diagnostics can be performed to diagnose problems with the monitor before dispatching a technician to fix the problem.


· Efficient Power Management: The 108” monitor is equivalent to having four 52” monitors placed together, however the power usage is much better than having four 52” displays.


· Fan-less Design for Quieter Operation: No fans in the display, results not only in a more robust architecture that better protects the display from dust and other environmental conditions, but there is less noise.


Business Usage: We will not be surprised to see these displays appear in:


· High-end malls: Not just to highlight or advertise key products and shops, but to show music videos and events at the mall. How can this not jazz up the malls and in the current environment of using every tool to drive traffic to the mall, this display will surely will be a must-have feature


· Live Events, Trade Shows and Reality TV Sets: Grabbing attention in all these applications is the key to success and 108-inch display does just that


· Training Centres: With LCD being a better technology to show both data images and along with the size advantage, we will be sure to see more training centres using the 108-inch Sharp display. Combine digital whiteboard capabilities that can be added-on and the value-add is even more significant.


· Security Monitoring, Network Operation Centers & Other Control and Command Centres: The ability to see multiple images at the same time and the ability to zoom in and out on troubled spot creates a value-proposition for this large display


· Advertising: Again the Wow! factor will drive adoption in this market


More details about the Sharp 108-inch LCD panel can be found at Sharp Business Systems LCD site ( or go to and select “Professional LCD Display”.

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