Filter High Resolution

Filter High Resolution
GTAIV lags really bad on my computer plz help?

i have the game like as low as it gets and it still is very laggy, my specs are
2.0ghz core 2 duo
3gb ddr2 ram
320gb 7400rpm hard drive
ATI 3650 Radeon Mobility 1gb ddr3 ram

and here are the benchmarking stats

14.3 average FPS
1024×768 resolution
Texture low
Texture Filtering low
Resflection Resolution off
water low
Shadows off
view distance 0
shadow density 0
vehicle density 1
detail distance 1
definition on
vertical sync off

i just dont understand i play modern warfare 2 maxed out and crysis on high, i dont see how my computers power is enough, also i have my catylast control center turned all the way down to, also this is a bought version it isnt pirated, thanks in advance

While Nicks answer might be a bit overly brutal, he’s right. That video card is absolutely not powerful enough for any modern game. I have no clue how in the world you say you’re playing Crysis and MW2 on high settings. That is absolutely impossible with that video card.

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