Filter Kit Lens

Filter Kit Lens

How to clean and maintain a Camera Lens. Hint? Not with the tip of your shirt

You know how you go to the beach and get sand on your camera and on your lens and you take your shirt and…. Noooo! Cleaning a camera lens is a delicate task and doing it wrong can damage the lens permanently. Even fingerprints shouldn’t just be wiped off with the nearest available piece of cloth.

You don’t have to be a genius in order to clean your camera’s lens. It is a simple procedure that requires care and the right set of tools. Of course that most basic tool you’ve got is the lens cap. Not a cleaning tool as much as preventive equipment, the lens cap protects your lens and should be placed after every photograph taken. You should also try to avoid touching your lens. Fingerprints can damage the protective lens layer which is very sensitive.

If you find that your lens is dirty, you should always clean it in a sterile environment with a special Lens Cleaning Kit that is available in all photography stores. The kit usually includes a small lens blower with a brush attached, a specialty lens cloth and a gentle cleaning solution.

When it’s only dust we’re talking about, use the lens blower to remove any particles that are on your lens. You can also use compressed air to remove anything that is on your lens surface. And while you’re at it, you can also use compressed air to clean the camera’s sensor. Just blow a small amount of air directly to remove particles off the sensor.

If it’s smudges, fingerprints or stains – clean the lens with the blower and look closely at the lens. Take the cleaning liquid and apply a couple of drops on your cloth, clean the dirty areas on the lens and leave the lens to dry.

A lens pen is also available in the market. It is a carbon based lens cleaner pen with a soft carbon tip that you can carry it along with you. Gently wipe the lens using the tip of the carbon pen to remove dirt without harming the lens or using cleaning liquids.

Same goes for those of you who use a point-and-shoot camera. Although it is less likely to get dust inside the body, the lens can easily get dirty with smudges or finger prints. Point and shoots usually have a much smaller lens and more precision is required here.

Remember that keeping your camera body clean is important as well. Use a soft damp cloth to clean the camera and wipe the camera filters that tend to get dirty and dusty and can damage your lens.

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