Filter Kit Nikon

Filter Kit Nikon

Canon Xsi Rebel – Great Value Dslr Without Compromise

I have recently purchashed the Canon XSi Rebel from Amazon and couldn’t be happier. I am a novice who wanted to jump into photography with a decent camera without spending a lot of money. The Canon XSi Rebel takes great shots, has a decent feature set, and for the $560 I paid for it, is an unmatched deal. I tried out cameras in person in various stores, and the Canon XSi Rebel is much more comfortable to hold for prolonged periods of time than comparable Nikons (for me). If you have been waiting to get a DSLR, I would highly recommend indulging in an Canon XSi Rebel. You will be glad you did.

Canon XSi Rebel – Absolutely Thrilled!

This is a remarkable camera. I took my first photography course in 1984. I used my uncle’s Nikon, and was hooked. This cheap little SLR does everything I could ever have wanted in an SLR. Sure it’s APS-C, but the pics look great and on my budget – it’s a top notch camera. I recommend adding the el-cheapo 50mm 1.8 lens that canon sells for 100 bucks. It’s worth it unless you can shell out some more for a wider/faster lens (I’m saving up for a 30mm 1.4). If you come from the old world of 35mm film SLRs you’ll want to multiply the lens length by 1.6 with this camera – so a 50mm lens is actually a fair bit longer. You’ll want 35mm or 30mm to get that old SLR prime lens feel (just like 1984). Do some research and you’ll hear all sorts of complaining from the “full frame” snobs. For the world of us average joe amature photographer this camera is outstanding – don’t worry about full frame. As too the longevity of the “S” lenses – just don’t sink alot of money into them (which is not a problem because they are pretty cheap). If you want a really expensive lens – it’ll undoubtedly be full frame anyway (which will work just fine with this camera).

Canon XSi Rebel – Remarkable Beginners Camera

As this camera was not for me, I already own one and I’ve been doing photography for a while now, this camera is actually a remarkable camera for it’s price and the quality that comes out of it, as it is a beginners camera, it is still up to professional standard quality, I’m not a professional photographer or anything but I’ve used my camera for a while now and tested this one out for someone i bought it for, and to be honest it wasn’t as bad for the price, decent deal and a good beginners kit to start out in the photography world, and as you go along you just upgrade, when I started I went straight with the L series lense and I started at the top and learned my ways, but for the beginners who want to either use this for personal or amateur photography hey this isn’t bad to start with.

purchased the item and it came in quick, as it was brand new very great deal for what I got Canon XSi Rebel with the 18-55mm and the 50-200mm lense with two filter for 600, thats a good deal.

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