Filter Kit Olympus

Filter Kit Olympus
Macro Photography with Olympus Evolte E-510?

Hi, After too much of research , I have settled down for Olympus Evolt E-510 as my first DSLR.
But I have a doubt about macro photoraphy with its kit lenses.
Please suggest some fair quality, not costly macro leses that can be used with this camera.
And also please suggest some good but not costly filters for it. There are lots of filters in the market, but i’m not sure which will deliver gud results, as the same filter can be cought for 10 $ on one sie and 89 on other.

Note- Please answer only if you really know about it. don’t answer just like that. Thanks

Listed below is a link to the Four Thirds website Macro Lens page. The Olympus 35mm 3.5 macro lens is an excellent lens at a fairly reasonable price. I personally use Olympus 50mm f2.0 but it is about twice the price of the 35mm model and you would also need to buy the extension tube to achieve 1/1 (life size) magnification. You do not need the extension tube for 1/1 on the 35mm.

There is also a link to a Yahoo Group (Free membership) for E-System camera users. There are examples of macro work and discussions of various macro lens options there. Just put “Macro” in the topic box and click search to find the messages.

Hope that helps.

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