Filter Kit Pentax

Filter Kit Pentax
Trying to decide between these two DSLRs?

I normally dislike reposting questions, but didn’t quite get the response I was looking for.

The Pentax k100d with kit lens
The Nikon d40 with kit lens
Don’t know which entry level Canon is equivalent to the above.

Both are priced similarly at KEH, although the Pentax is 40 bucks cheaper and I’ve used it several times (My brother used to have one). Thing is, there was some noticeable vignetting on the Pentax kit lens. On the other hand, I like the image stabilization that is provided by the Pentax. But then again, Nikon/Canon stuff is easier to find.

Halp! Which one should I choose?

Also, what sort of lens filter is good for the kit lenses for the above cameras? I’m thinking some sort of UV filter since it’s like the jack-of-all trades, unless I’m mistaken.

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IDK about the d40 or the Canon equivalent. The Pentax K100D has more features for the money and you can use any Pentax made lens with it new or used, but the newer lenses being made won’t auto focus with it. Only the K100D Super and later models will. The kit lens does vignette a lot at 18mm – 22mm but gets better at the longer focal lengths. There are software that reduces vignetting that you can use, free and commercial. Since it has built in IS any lens used with it will be stabilized, which comes pretty handy when shooting in low light situations using short prime lenses, neither Canon or Nikon don’t offer any IS in any of their short primes.

Pentax K2000 (with 18-55mm lens) first look