Filter Lens Panasonic

Filter Lens Panasonic
Should I install a small UV filter on Panasonic LX3?

I want to keep the camera compact, but possibly protect the lens a little better. The Pany Lx3 does not have any protection other than the lens cap for the wonderful Leica lens. I’ve found some UV filters that are small and attach just above the lens. Here’s an example:

Someone sells it on ebay, if you do a search for acmaxx and lx3.

Any thoughts?

Panasonic makes a lens adapter which can take a UV filter, but it is long enough that the zoom can extend within it, so it adds bulk to the camera.

Hello there!

That UV filter looks great! I have one on my camera as well. They really protect your lens from dust and scratches and the coolest part is, It reduces UV glare! These UV filters are very inexpensive so i strongly recomend one If you really care for your lens! =D

panasonic Gh1 vivitar 28mm and vari nd filter