Filter Lens Protector

Filter Lens Protector
Do i need a UV Filter?

i cant believe what this is caused by Global warming and the hole in our ozone Layer..what we now need Protection from the uv filters and sun protectors.its getting worse that we need uv protection for everything else. do i really need a UV Filter for my camera?it is said to protect my lens from sun damage

No you don’t. Those are just words said by the marketing people to get you to buy more filters.

I will not argue whether you will need one to protect your lens from scratches or fingerprint, that is personal, but to protect against UV? No.

Lens never passes much UV light at all, even less with multi-coated lens. Those who actually want to shoot picture in UV light need to buy very very expensive quartz crystal lens, so you don’t *need* a UV filter to protect your lens against UV, though you can always buy one if it makes you feel better.

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