Filter Set Canon

Filter Set Canon
how can i set up my canon 400d to an infrared camera, without using IR filter?

heard Nikon D50 can do that
thanks Chris…

You need the black IR filter to filter out normal daylight so only the IR reaches the sensor.

There ia an Infra Red filter built into the sensors of all DSLR (including the D50) So for true IR pictures you can put the IR filter on the camera and accept the very slow shutter speeds (measured in seconds, even 10’s of seconds) or you can modify your camera and remove the IR filter from the sensor. Then shutter speeds will be normal with the IR filter.

The problem then is its difficult to use the camera for normal photography.

Astro photographers do this so they can record all the detail in Nebulae.

The easier way is to use Photoshop to get a pseudo IR effect from a normal picture.

Note Infra Red photography is NOT the same as a heat camera, different technology altogether. You probably know this, just thought it worth mentioning.


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