Filter Sony Dsc

Filter Sony Dsc
How do I solve a Macro problem?

I’m using a Sony Dsc P200 with lens adapter. Shooting at Max image 7M. Using Macro kit, +1 +2 +4, zoom is set to W. Getting slight vignette. My problem is that I still want to get a closer picture. Can I use an additional Macro set without getting too much of a vignette, or is there just one stronger filter I can use?, ( 30mm). I’m phtographing jewelry.
Thank you to answerers # 1, and 2. I had a hunch on the vignette problem, and the zoom worked fine.
Now…will additional close up lenses bring the image even closer?.

First of all, if you want to get a better macro, you need to be at your longest focal length, not your widest. That is why you’re getting a vignette. Zoom in closer and you may find better results. Zoom is important because macro kits are usually only dioptric magnifiers and do not decrease focusing distance, they just mimic close focus. Try it, I hope it works.

Additional lenses may help, but I would be weary of stacking filters, you may run into another vignette problem at least, at most you increase the appearance of artifacts and aberrations like flare and ghosting. Keep that in mind.

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