Filter Sony Hdr

Filter Sony Hdr
I would like to make an infrared flashlight for sony camcorder night shot?

Would it be as easy as getting an infrared filter and placing it on a flashlight? Do I need a specific type of light bulb?How can this be done?Would like to use it for improving the night shot on my Sony Hdr-SR11 camcorder.Thanks for any info.I am thinking of using a flashlight with 830nm.Is this ideal? Thanks for any info.

You can get specialist IR lights for recording bats – these have a peak output of 810nm, so 830nm should be OK. I don’t know that it’s “ideal” though – the “bat lights” are a compromise so as not to disturb the bats, and the cut-off for the IR detector is around 1000nm. I don’t know where the peak sensitivity is, though.

I’d have thought that IR emitting LEDs would be a better option than using a filter.

UFO filmed with IR Filter Sony Hdr-s11