Finder Canon Eos

Finder Canon Eos
Canon Eos 1000D/Rebel XS or Nikon D40?

canon EOS 1000D specs

NIkon D40

D40 Specs

Please do not say that it is your personal choice. Please compare both the specs and tell me the best one

You may not like my answer, but it’s honest. You can’t look at these specs and pick one that is BETTER. Camera production and modern technology has made it so that most commerial Digital Slr‘s all good cameras. Just pick one and start shooting! Another difference that you can’t get from “specs” are qualitys to each brand such as feel of the camera, menu layout, color tones, etc. I like the way Canon’s feel in my hands, the menu layout and color tones the camera creates more than Nikons. These are personal preferences that someone can’t decide for you. As far as “specs” go, the Canon is a better buy. I’m not going to get into sensors and megapixels and all that stuff because it’s far too complicated and rediculous to explain. Just go check them out, play around with them and pick the one you feel comfortible with. Good luck.

Zacuto Z finder and canon eos 7d test