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Rebel Xsi: Digital Slr users for the first time Care

I have only had this camera for a few days, but I feel compelled to warn users who are seeking their first digital Slr Camera. I have read many, many reviews and comparisons and yet did not realize that this camera does not shoot video, while the Nikon D5000 is record videos and does not cost much more money and notes obtained very similar in all other respects. (I found the Nikon D5000 to be less than $ 100 more than the Canon Rebel XSi).

I was also very disappointed to realize, reading the manual, that the view "live" is not that about what I expected.

It is only "recommended" for use with a tripod and camera motion blur. (Ie directly in the manual). Being optimistic, I tried without a tripod for all modes, and indeed, all the photos I took during the use of vision "in vivo" are blurred to some extent even when using the flash. I guess it's true you have to use the display of "great houses" (also known as: DSLR cameras).

I had a Canon Powershot (not dslr is a great point and shoot) for a few years and has video (which is excellent even in low light, indoors and not dark, but low at night) and it is always a vision "Live" but that's a fact because almost all point and shoot cameras are. my friends who own DSLR warned me that when I was ready to move in the camera world, I would have to get used to using the viewfinder instead of the view screen to create my shots. Well, I thought I could stay in my comfort zone by using the screen view by buying the Canon Rebel Xsi because of the vision "alive." Now I think it's more of a gimmick. But I realize that this is spoken like a true point and shoot user, not a professional photographer.

Each owner insists dslr know that once you get used to him, using the viewfinder is much better, so it can adapt to use the viewfinder. (Although my baby thinks I've become a stranger when I put the camera into his face. Whether you make your smile while holding the camera to one side as I did with my powershot.) However, at this point, it is primarily the ability to record video that is missing. I feel pretty stupid for not seeing this fact shortly after the inquiry, but even when I came back today looking more comparisons, I still can not find many reviews / comparisons that really what the difference between the Nikon D5000 and the Rebel XSi.

The comparisons are mainly focused on image quality. Which, incidentally, I'm really pleased with. The Canon seems to remain strong in its reputation for having the best color and image quality in the company. (To my knowledge)

I think for that price range ($ 550 – $ 650) that can record a video, one can not is a big difference to people new to dslr should know.

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