Finepix Digital Camera

Finepix Digital Camera

Fujifilm Fixepix S1500 10MP Digital Camera Review

As an overall package, this camera is simply shocking. Besides one or two minor failings, you get a nearly perfect, highly versatile camera with a fairly expansive feature set and good image quality for rather less than $200. What more can you ask for? Well, there are a couple of things, but let me first start with the pros…
+ Excellent price .

I haven’t got any anxiety about obvious quality or cheapness ; for $200, you’d be hard-pressed to find something with comparable materials and build quality.

+ Large feature set. The feature set truly is as expansive as the description asserts. As mentioned before, some of them are not almost as good as they sound, but that will be debated next. I am not an even almost a pro shutter-bug, and I’m certainly still learning, but the upgrade from a ‘normal’ point-and-shoot is significant. Shutter and aperture priority modes are glorious, as is the full-manual mode. Automated modes are just your standard automatic modes, with the exception of the SP ‘scene selection’ mode, which offers some nice settings if you end up in a rush to get a shot or are doubtful of how to compose a picture yourself.

+ The zoom is great, as is the stabilization system. 12x zoom is more than enough for most practical applications- if you want any more than that on a regular basis, you need to truly be having a look at an SLR system anyways. When you get up to the 8x-12x range, you will likely need a little tripod or something to set the camera on, or a very fast shutter speed, but that’s’s pretty standard- no amount of stabilization can accommodate totally for a 12x zoom.

+ Super-macro mode takes some astounding close-ups. By far, this is my favourite mode.
+ image-quality, for $200, is superior.

There’s a small, but noticeable, amount of shutter lag- nothing that will detract from your photographic activities. With the right settings, you are going to be able to capture most pictures with reasonable success.
This can be sloppy infrequently, failing to focus or targeting incorrectly. Although this might be because of my inexperience, I regularly find myself wishing for a manual focus. Then again, that is’s just something you have to deal with when you forego spending thousands of greenbacks on an SLR system.

-Lens. While it’s usually fine, I sometimes find myself wishing for a bigger aperture and/or shutter speed range. 99% of the time this has no significance outside of extraordinary low-light or high-light imagine that as I become more competent with the settings, this issue will become less pronounced.

This is one of my biggest peeves with the digital camera. Sure, it’s great to offer ISO 6400, but why bother when any photos taken in that mode inevitably finish up as nothing less than a loud mess? I appreciate the attempt on Fuji’s part, but I would have rather had them dedicate the resources to extra shooting modes, a quicker lens, a better lens cover, or any number of other, simpler aspects. Don’t get me wrong- almost all of the features are fine.

Overall, notwithstanding one or two downfalls, this is a very pleasing camera, and one that I feel is often overlooked in the Mega-Zoom debate only due to the Fuji name. Nonetheless, this camera can simply struggle with just about any other camera of the SLR-like’ class, irrespective of brand- and the price is clearly right. Invest the $200 in this amazing small package of technology, and you won’t be sorry.

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