Fish Eye Fisheye

Fish Eye Fisheye
How do I make sure my film is in place in my fish eye?

I’ve just got my fisheye in the mail, and well I’ve never used film before, I’m scared that I might break it and then theres a lot of money gone 🙁
if anyone has ANY advice at all about the cam then I’d be happy to hear it all 🙂

Film: ISO 400 is recommended

Take the very end of the film leader and crimp it (bend it) so there’s a about a 3/4 inch or 1/2 inch bit that is bent. This will help the leader stay in the take up reel. After putting the film on the take up spool, give the film a few winds, while lightly putting a finger on the film to keep it from coming off. After you’ve advanced the film a couple of winds, it will stay on by itself. Close the back and then wind/trip the shutter until the counter is up to 1.

Have fun!

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