Fisheye Canon Eos

Fisheye Canon Eos

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Can i find a fisheye lense for fugifilm s5700?
ive got a fugifilm s5700 and i want to know if i can win a fisheye lense for it. i love the fisheye effect. thanks

Can i grasp best Digital Cameras next to more than 8megapixels and rate inwardly rupees 10,000.say aloud me the?
camera company and its rate.pls suggest some other best digi cam not less than 6 mega pixels and its rate should be below 10,000 rupees

Can I upload pictures from my Digital Camera & hold them processed & shipped?
I don’t want to have to turn to the store, so if I sent pics via the internet to be processed would any store such as Walgreens or Walmart actually letters them to me without me have to pick them up. It’s only a few pics so price isn’t a biggie here.

Can I upload pictures from the internal memory of my camera to an SD card?
I lost the USB cord of my Samsung Digimax D73 :o( If you happen to know where on earth I can buy this cable, I would be very grateful as all right.

Can i verbs xd card onto a sd card, if yes how do i do it?
i have a digital camera which uses a xd card, but i want to outlook the pictures on a Digital Photo frame which only take sd. can anyone help me

Can somebody recommend a Dslr Camera for a student photographer?
My friend recommended the FinePix s8000fd to me (he said it was ideal for a beginner), but I just want a few other opinion as well. I’ve save up around 300 bucks or so. Thanks!

Can someone aid me find the right camera??
I am looking for a digital camera that can zoom up pretty close. I want to buy one at walmart. I dont know what is the difference between the megapixels. Can someone help?

Can someone aid me next to my camera?
I have a sd870 IS Canon Digital camera. I go to plug in the connecting cord to upload my pics on my camera and my blind froze on the camera. I think it’s because I put the wrong connecting cord surrounded by. So I switched it and it’s still frozen. Do I need to rob it to a camera store to get fixed? Please assistance!

Can someone communicate me almost the Kodak Easyshare M863’s freestyle vivacity?
I need a bright camera and I was seriously considering buying this one. My frail one sucked the juice out of battery…I couldn’t take more than 5 pictures minus putting a “low battery” signal on. How often would I hold to recharge this Kodak?

Can someone endow with me lots of links to uk camera sites such as
i want sites recommended from personal experience not just any uninformed site

Can someone find me a contact that shows adjectives lenses ever made for Hasselblads?
I just bought 2, a 500cm and a 503cw, and they come with several lenses. I don’t enjoy them on me so I can’t recite exactly what they are except a 60, 80, 120 & 180. But if there a catalogue that shows all the C’s, CB’s, CF’s, etc.? I can’t seem to be to find one. Thanks.

Can you backing me to purchase a digital cameria?
Granny has not have any education contained by digital camerias and what to look for when purchasing one. Is there a GOOD digital cameria for smaller amount than $100.00? Of course the cameria must be grannywinkie friendly. If so, can you give me details?

Can you Maybe Ur digital Camera as a webcam?
Can you Maybe Ur digital Camera as a webcam? i have an 300$ Sony Cyper-shot Cmaera And im asking to you guys can u put it as ur webcam is near a software to downlaod tell me the really site be answer correctly beside ur adivse u can break my digital camera or help me 10points to you answers correcly and enlighten me ur source or site u found it in thankfulness

Can you oblige me?
I made a video on my camera and i want to edit it on my p.c. is nearby any website or anything that could help me beside that?

Can you plug a UBS cored within to a Nikon N50?
somebody said i could , but where ?! the cameras so older and theres no spot like it uses Film Rolls to pilfer pictures i highly doubt theres a UBS spot , prove me wrong and kind my day?:D Also any other option on how to get pictures to Computer?

Can you recommend a Digital Slr for macro photography?
I’m interested mainly contained by landscapes and associates, but also in wildflowers and insects. Anyone recommend a macro lens? I be thinking of buying a Nikon D40x

Canon 10-22mm or 17-55mm?
I currently own a Canon 40d with 3 lenses so far. My widest lens is a 28-135mm. I also hold a 70-200 2.8 and a 50 1.8. My question is, would I be better bad keeping my current 28-135mm, and buying a 10-22mm or would you think selling my 28-135, and buying the 17-55mm? Any thoughts?

Canon 20D Err 99?
My Canon 20D started acting up Saturday evening. The shutter keeps space and closing on its own, as though I was holding down the button, adjectives the while displaying ERR 99. I don’t think the shutter button is stuck, as I can still grain it press up and down. It won’t stop clicking, as long as the power is on, and the battery and memory card doors are closed. I can’t access the menu to reset – the menu will not come up, because it’s too busy slit and closing the shutter. I’ve changed batteries, memory cards, lenses… still like peas in a pod results. Even when the power is off, if I unequivocal the battery door, memory door or remove the lens, it clicks one or two more times. I’ve even removed the small internal freestyle to do a hard reset. Any thoughts? The camera is a few years outmoded, and therefore no longer beneath warranty.

Canon 400D camera for £300ish or 450D camera for £540- is it better to spend the extra £250?
I can’t decide between the two- lb540 is abundantly of money, and I’m not sure how much I’ll be using the camera. But at the same time I want something that I won’t be wanting to upgrade contained by 6 months. I’d be opting for the apparatus lens with any camera I reckon. Are there any other DSLRs worth considering contained by the same price array (Nikon D40x/D60, Sony A200/A350 etc.)?

Canon 400D lense requirement?
Anyone who has experience on which lens to gain? I will be shooting group shots at a distance of 6 to 8 meters and 10 meters wide. What would be the correct Flash to use as resourcefully? Kindy indicate the possible price of both lens and flash combo. Appreciate your input.

Canon 400D or Nikon 40D?
I’d like to buy a DSLR inwardly 400GBP. Unable to decide between these 2 models. I’ve see the Nikon 40D and its night mode pictures are wonderful next to good ambient night light. Is Canon 400D as good as that ?(I know canon is more expensive for its more megapix).

Canon 70-200 f4 or 200 f2.8?
Hi, Im trying to decide between Canon 70-200 f4 Canon 200 f2.8 Is the prime going to offer me much sharper pictures? Sharp enough to lose the zoom aptitude? And the aperture…. worth losing zoom for an extra stop?

Canon AE-1 – I dont know how to alter the lens. I hold a 52mm and a 72mm. How do I amend the two?
I got this camera from a friend who didnt hold the user’s manual. The 72mm lens is currently on here and I dont know how to take it stale and put on the 52mm.

Canon Camera?
Hey Guys. I need to resolve what camera to get. I own all these choices piled up surrounded by my head and i of late cant seem to know how to figure out which one is best. I know for sure that i want a canon. and i want one of those really nice big ones beside a min of 8 mp. all i really want is in recent times a really nice set camera with honest settings that wont cause me too much trouble. Thanks. Your answers are appreciated.

Canon digital oddball xt?
I have be messing with this camera for days in a minute and every picture I take looks falsified and the wrong colors. I thought using original settings would at tiniest give me more convincing looking pictures – but it seems similar to you have to be a phenomenon to use this camera. What am I doing wrong?

Canon Digital Rebel Xti or Nikon D40 as first Digital SLR?
I’m an amateur photographer with a developing interest contained by photography. Until now, I enjoy used point and shoot digital cameras, and currently, I own a Sony CyberShot Dsc H3. However, I am interested in “upgrading” to my first DSLR. Most of the pictures that I will pilfer will be of sporting events, little and big leagues, travel photos, and character photos such as flowers or birds. I have narrowed the survey to the Canon Digital Rebel Xti and the Nikon D40. I have nonetheless to play with the Digital Rebel surrounded by a store, but when I did so with the D40, I enjoy it. Also, I take profoundly of pictures zoomed surrounded by. I have hear great things about the D40’s tackle lens, but nothing roughly the Canon’s. I know that it is a matter of which camera feel best to me personally, but I’d close to to hear people’s opinions of both cameras. This includes: pros to respectively, cons to each, lens options/ possible upgrades (I’ve looked at the 2 lens kit for each, the other lens for both being 55-200 mm) some photos:

Canon Digital Rebel XTi Question?
I got this camera for christmas, and I be wondering if there be any way to build the screen step digital? Like a digital camera would, being competent to see the picture while you’re taking it, if you know what I mean.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II… Should I budge for it?
I got a Canon Eos 350D near a EF-S 18-55mm lens, and I found this EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens for less than lb90, which is cheap for a lens. Is it perfect enough to buy or should I newly stick with the 18-55mm?

Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Or Canon EF 55-250 which is better??
Hi Has anybody used a Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III or an Canon 55 -250 is . which is a better lens i already have a 18-55 Which one is better please suggest its urgent. Thank you

Canon ef tele lenses.?
Is the canon ef 100-400mml lens or 400mml better. i do not now witch one to buy.

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