Fit Casio Exilim

Fit Casio Exilim
Sony Cybershot DSC-Wxxx – which one to choose?

I’m sort of stuck, coz I can’t find the main difference between DSC-W210, W220 and W270.

I want to buy a camera for my gf as her earlier broke down (Casio Exilim EX-S500) and as I know that the W270 has better video capabilities, and the inteligent scene regonition, but is it really worth £80 difference in price to W220?

And what is the difference between W210 & W220 exept that W210 has better battery life? Has anyone had any experiences with these both?

How’s the picture quality on these cameras? Exilim used to be a superb choice until it broke down, so I really want a good finished product with a decent quality. It needs to be a Small Camera that would fit inside a pocket or a small purse when going out.

I wanted to go for sony, as I’m using one myslef and wouldn’t swap it for anything else. However if there’s anything else that you’ve experienced to be better, please let me know.

Buy a Canon Powershot sx100 have best quality pictures than sony!Have optical zoom 12x and many more features !!
And the price is really good!I bought it for 130 euros

Shooting things in slow motion, a video for Marius