Fit Nikon Coolpix

Fit Nikon Coolpix
does anyone know where i could get a waterproof Camera Cover that wil fit in my pocket;its for a Nikon Coolpix

There are dozens of coolpix cameras varying in size from small point and shoots to SLR-Like bodies.

Knowing this will help us answer your question.

That said, there are plenty of water “resistant” camera cases. If you just want it for protection when carrying in the rain then pretty much any case that fully covers the camera will do that.

If you want to protect it if you accidentally spill a bottle of fluid on it, then there are other bags which I would classify as splash proof.

Then there are bags that you can literally immerse your camera in water up to say a couple of feet.

Last but not least are dedicated cases for diving.

Without more information on your camera and the kind of waterproofing you need there is no way to give you a better answer w/out guessing.

For further research you may want to check out both Nikon or Ewa Marine.


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