Fit Panasonic Dmc

Fit Panasonic Dmc
I want a camera with professional type images that can still fit in my jeans pocket. What can you recommend?

I’ve looked at the Panasonic Lumix DMC LX2 which has all the features i want, not sure about the image quality though and it looks a little big for my pocket. Also I’ve looked at the new canon ixsus 850 and Canon Powershot g7. Can you recommend others? I’m an amature photographer but need a camera that i can easily take when going on a night out.

Check out a Canon Powershot SD900, which is almost a direct comparison, or an SD800-IS, which is a little cheaper (fewer MP) and has image stabilization. My reason for suggesting these two cameras is because the Panasonic you are looking at does not have an optical viewfinder and you will end up going through batteries faster than you like if you have to use that thing all the time.

I would choose almost any camera with an optical viewfinder over one that only has an LCD viewfinder. Why?

1. You never have the option of turning off the LCD and these things eat batteries for lunch and spit them out. Why do away with the option of a viewfinder that has zero electrical drain?

2. It can be difficult to see the image on an LCD in bright sunlight, even if they are “new and improved.”

3. You have to hold an LCD viewer out at some distance in front of your face. This is more conspicuous than I prefer to be all the time.

4. The need to hold a camera at arms length will introduce some shake. I like the idea of stabilizing a camera against my face when I am taking a picture. This is especially important with a longer zoom lens. No wonder “image stablization” or “vibration reduction” is necessary with these cameras. Not that there’s anything WRONG with IS or VR, but it is really a requirement with LCD viewfinders and telephoto lenses.

5. Using the LCD to view photos after you’ve taken them slows down the camera quite a bit. You can’t shut of the LCD monitor and still take pictures if you don’t have an optical viewfinder.

Panasonic Dmc-FX35 Lumix 10MP Digital Camera