Fit Pentax Optio

Fit Pentax Optio
Please help. Is this a problem with the Camera, Software, Computer or USB cord? ?

*Are camera usb cords standardized? I do not have original usb cord that came with camera. Friends swear it doesn’t matter because as long as the cord fits, it should work.
*My computer does not detect the camera.
*The software does not seem to need plug-ins for different camera types.

I have a Pentax W 30 (–Optio_W30/reqID–9587364/subsection–optio ) which came with ACDSee software for Pentax which I have reinstalled an updated.

I have been working on this for 3 weeks! Pentax and ACDSee Customer Support keep sending me back to each other.
Camera is fully charged and is working properly.

How can I figure out if this is a camera, cord, computer or software problem? I would really hate to throw away this much money.

Thanks for your help.

It probably is the cable. I had a cord from a camera which would fit
in my Fuji but it was not the right cable and did not work. Instead of
going through the cable hassle I installed a Memory Card Reader
in my PC. Not hard to do and if you work with different cameras
or want pictures from a friends camera, a good investment. Some
card readers are external USB.

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