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Fit Ricoh Caplio

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Camera Problems?
I broke my Camera. It fell on the ground and I really need it. SHould I convey it in somewhere? if I should how much is it going to cost? It an Olympus and the front say FE-170

Camera purchase?
we are currently looking to purchase a new camera. I really similar to the Slr Cameras but we are open to any sympathetic… long battery energy, picture quality and versatility are considerable features… we would also like the camera to own video capability but to be precise not high on our enumerate of features. We own a landscaping business so involve clear crisp photos…

Camera Question for student Photographer ..?
I asked this in Photography but single one person answered (thanks fhotoace!) So my best friend is really into photography. She is turning 18 and we will be graduate in June. For her birthday I planned on getting her a camera (the show ones, not digital) but I have NO IDEA where on earth to start. I wanted to procure her a good lens, camera and tripod (plus show obv.) but am not looking to spend more than $300.00. Unless her mom plans on helping me out. I was looking at the Nikon Body next to 35-70mm f3.5-4.8 Zoom Nikkor Lens. (I have no opinion what any of that means) LOL It was this one:… Any suggestions? She is also going to conservatory for photography so I don’t want to spend much and stuff just incase they hold certain requirements for the cameras. Also, is this a well-mannered tripod?

Camera question?!?
ok so i have a interview.. this might sound silly but seriously.. is complex the mega pixels tha better? and which is better fine or normal wen it comes to the picture? and which describe brand Digital Camera is the best? thanks (:

Camera Question?
I’m an amateur photographer and I am looking for a camera that does the following: 1) Takes good zoom photos (Like pictures of flowers, etc, beside crisp detail.) 2) Has good battery-operated life 3) Is pretty portable 4) Takes well-mannered quality shots contained by both daytime and nighttime. So far I narrowed it down to: 1) Panasonic Lumix TZ3S 2) Canon Powershot SX100IS 3) Sony Cybershot H10 I’m leaning towards the Canon one because it’s the cheapest and I hear good things almost it. My question is, am I looking for the right things? I clutch a lot of pictures of the insides of flowers (petals, etc) so I inevitability them to come out crisp and nice. So I thought that getting a camera with a elevated zoom would be good. But is zoom the item to look for? Or do I need a special lens to achieve all the flower details? Please abet!!

Camera Question?
Is there any course i can take my friends memory card and plug it into my comp and grasp the videos rotten it? I dont have her hardware installed or anything but we tried and nought happened, is nearby anyway we can do it?

Camera question?
What is the best camera for the best price? How should I sell my Polaroid Digital camera?

Camera Repair, South East of England!!?
I’ve got a Canon Eos 400D, and I’m getting Error 99 constantly!! I’ve tried resetting everything, and cleaning the gold ingots connectors with a rubber. Even tried other lenses, purely not getting it to work for me! Does anyone know a decent reliable camera repair place surrounded by or near Brighton within England? Cheers guys!!

Camera Shopping Question?
Ok, i am a concert goer and i want a camera (not professional) that is small and reading light and has a long zoom

Camera shutter speed sound out…?
Okay so I’m kinda confused about this right immediately. If i slow down the shutter speed by 20 seconds, or any amount of time really, how does it translation the exposure? Because on my camera, a GE A730, if i go to [menu>slow shutter>manual] it go to a screen that say “long exposure period” and i can choose 1-20+ seconds [i own it on 20 right now]. Does that mean that at that speed i can appropriate pictures of things like dripping hose down, and it’ll show the individual drips? Any help will be appreciated.

Camera Software??
I’m looking for a sort of camera software (for free) that you can use for live input on the computer (I have window vista), and that you can take pictures near, from the actual compter, without have to actually touch the camera. I hold a usb connection and the camera is an Olympus Stylus 770 SW. I own looked all over the net…

Camera Stuff! Wont work! Please relief im implore you!?
Ok my camera has pics i want on the computer and i enjoy a laptop,And im trying to put them on the computer.But I plug it into the computer and then i turn on the camera and progress to control panel and then step to cameras and scanners…And Then click on the thing that pops up adage my camera thing and next it trys to get pics from the camera But Then it pop’s up wise saying “Cannot detect camera or scanner,Please make sure you plugged it contained by right and turn on camera.” And That’s What i did.And it wont Work! Please Tell Me What Im Doing Wrong! Oh And Ive Tried on my dad’s regular computer that’s not a laptop and It Says The Same thing. Please Help Me! I call for These Pictures For a Project Thingy..[[Hard To Explain]]

Camera warranty canon powershot tx1?
Any recommendations just about buying a warranty for the Canon Powershot TX1 and if so which one (options from newegg)? 1 Year Extended Service Net Replacement Plan 49.99 More Information2 Year Day 1 Service Net ADH Warranty 79.99 More Information2 Year Extended Service Net Replacement Plan 99.99 More Information3 Year Day 1 Service Net ADH Warranty 99.99

Camera won’t connect to computer?
I have a HP photosmart M525,usually it connects to the computer right away. in recent times now i tried to connect it,and an error message appeared axiom “Windows does not reconigze this this device” i don’t know why it would say this,because it be wroknig yesterday..i’ve tried reconnecting it several times,doesn’t want to work. does anybody have any solutions?

Camera!! (lens error) I dropped it! HELP BEFORE I GET KILLED PLZ!?
Yeah i dropped it now everytime I turn it on it say LENS ERROR and turns off :[ HEELP! PLZ!

Camera/ SD card acting up?
i’ve noticed only just that when i try to download videos that are longer than a couple of minutes to my computer from my SD card, it doesn’t download the longer video. it never did this before and it freshly started happening. it’s as if it doesn’t read the long video on the card. also when i put the card back within the camera, everything is there. it’s a impartially new card so i don’t meditate that could be the problem.

Camera? im looking to buy a camera 5mp or greater for around 50/60?
pounds-apart from ebay can anyone reccomend a good site where on earth i could buy one or has anyone bought one only just that was a well-mannered one and can give me ideas-thankyou-uk just please

Camrea problems?
my camrea has a total black eyeshade when i turn it on. I can still go to feign menu and see the options but when i progress to take a picture the eyeshade is black. I did drop it once and then the peak turned black. So can i fix this myself ir is it broken?

Can a canon A570 Digital point and shoot camera be used as a Webcam beside a computer?
I have adjectives the necessary cable and such, i want to know if it can yes/no and if it can, which software (preferably free) should I use to accomplish this. thanks bemusw

Can a digital non-SRL camera filch professional level photographs?
I am not looking to become a professional photographer. I just wallow in taking pictures. But if for some rationale, I happen to nick a really great picture, I’d like it to be taken at a resolution and picture level good ample to submit in a contest or even for mart. Are there non dSLR cameras able of this? I really don’t feel approaching dealing with different lenses, and the dust problems associated next to changing them. Any suggestions?

Can antediluvian lenses from the 70s fit on to the Canon EOS series?
My dad has hoary canon lenses from the 70s and I was thinking I’d acquire him a DSLR, specifically the Canon Digital Rebel Xti. I heard that the feeble lenses do fit the EOS series but I have no opinion if that’s true or not. Is there anyway I can report by looking at the lenses themselves? A model number or something?

Can anybody speak about me which Is the best battery to use for a Fujifilm S3000??
The last 2x I own brought batteries I enjoy only taken 4-5 photo’s and afterwards they die?? They are so expensive…Any Ideas would be great.

Can anyone dispatch me or show me online where on earth i can take token pictures of the Panasonic Dmc-FZ8EB-Kplease?
i want to buy the PANASONIC DMC-FZ8EB-K so i want to see sample pictures if everyone have any

Can anyone furnish me digital camera recommendation?
Hi there! I involve camera recommendations, and I figure this was the best place to travel! I’m not a photographer or anything, so I don’t need something that’s 30 megapixels- I’m more of looking to embezzle pictures of friends and places I go to show my inherited and friends. I don’t want something that’s going to look like crap though, so I want at lowest possible 5 megapixels. I also am looking at expense – I’d like it to be lower than $200, but I’ll go up to $250 if it’s really what I necessitate. Also, one that accepts xD cards (Fugifilm and Olympus are the brands I know of) is preferred, but unnecessary. Thank you for your help!

Can anyone make a contribution guidance on the best digital camera to buy around £200?
Best options so far include Panasonic FX100 and Ricoh Caplio R7. If anyone have any suggestions I would be most grateful.

Can anyone please inform me where on earth i can find the BEST digital camera possible for lower than $100?! Thanks!?
I need a great camera for beneath $100. I kinda want it to be small and slim so it can fit anywhere, but its ok if it’s kinda big too.

Can anyone recommend a perfect camera (up to $700)?
Hi folks, the time has come to bust my piggy-bank I`m planning on getting a strange camera, all I want is a perfect macro mode. I`m willing to spend around $700 on it, but I`m clueless as to what to win. I was Thinking something approaching a Canon EOS 40 D, but one of my mates told me I`s not that appropriate. So does anyone have a suggestion for a right camera, that would fit my budget? Thanks for yor help.

Can Anyone recommend a virtuous camera?
I’m thinking of getting one pretty soon, just don’t know which one to acquire…

Can i bring in my own Telescopic verbs influence?
i made a gun with rubber band and it shots cryons but i want to make a freedom for it. it doesnt have to know how to zoom but it has to be accurate thankssssss

Can i bring my digital camera?… go to what can i bring it say domestic cameras and i have no clue what to be precise haha

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