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Fit Sony Dcr

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Calling video gurus Edition: DVCAM digital capture device is a cassette player video?
I recently have five old film reel of 8mm (family things 1950s) funded through a video company verbs professional. The teacher as a result I've received is a 124-min video DVCAM digital tape. I would like to capture this deal to my computer and gag the archival material Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate. I enjoy two questions: 1) Can my program, in fact, the capture of this format? and 2) How much are the VCRs DVCAM? "I can rent a good price or it will cost me a package (I have not nor have I ever seen a DVCAM player)? Thanks!

Camcorder Help …?
I'm deciding between the JVC and Canon ZR850 grd750. I can not know if any of these inputs for external microphones enjoy. Any help?

Delima camcorder …?
Okay so I need to find a cheap camera, but excellent, really … I do not want a used one, if that is what ur thinking. hehehe. * I to call a vewwi vewwi badd for me to get my design on YouTube and there for the world! I will not be able to grab one and I'm tryna get my B4 birthday cuz its contents look like forever … (August 2). I'm going crazy here, and definitely not have the $ $ $ now Cuz I do not work and I can not receive a subsidy of more. I'm between a rock and a place is not easy so, plz help!

Camcorder error?
I have a camcorder high every time I want to play my own video or see an error is "PUSH PUSH THE RESET BUTTON" if it works properly recorded 1 seconds back what you do I do?

Camcorder Help?
Is there any way possible and safe to connect a camcorder JVC GR-AXM18U VHS-C on a computer? Because I want to be issued on video by mail or messenger to my friends.

Camcorder mini DVD-R video?
I have 1.4 GB mini dvdr, who is on my camcorder videos of history in it. However, when I put these discs in a computer appears nil. I need copies of these brand discs so how I can upload videos to the computer.

Camcorder? introduction video can usb or will I need firewire?
firwire know is faster but my uncle just bought a video camera next to a port on the computer usb matter firwire video (I know it is slower) or JST import stills?

Video camera? and I'm 14 and interested in making next short clips of cool video effects … I have tried all possible processes and the program .. no recognize my digital camera videos. i verbs and play using kodak on the computer but as content for WMM (Windows Movie Maker) does not recognize the format or anything .. is at hand in a way that I can build all the software programs certify? I was thinking about buying a camera but the wood has to be looked at less than $ 150. is at hand any camera that makes movies recognized by the programs? if so what? thanks

Camera Help please?
I need to buy a video camera to craft a movie. Can anyone recommend by name, a decent video camera? Like could you tell me the end of it and if you can where I can buy? so that the film can look as professional as possible. thanks.

Camera and video camera?
ok im 14 years old and I love making / production / video editing, but I am a new video camra camra Buting I get $ 320 to spend on it. Should I buy a video camera or I use a normal video camera mode and image mode matching amount but do not know what I should get because it can not be a camera great video, but his memory and get to be educated by what can not be normal still camera image. Also, do not know what I'm looking like zoom lenses ect pixels. i want comfort lithium battery so you have to have that. so if u could please lend a hand with that assessment

Camrecorder to the computer?
I would like to hide and a reprint of a disc camrecorder that do not play in Windows Media Player. we can only use one usb port drive have been finalized. will play in the team but wold like to save to disk, and the next reprint

Can a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W80 used as webcam?
more than AOL? and if so, how I can get it to work?

adjectives can be connected video camera Internet? I imagine playing the piano, and post it on youtube.?
The CAMCORE is a GR-AXM250 Compact VHS camcorder. Can be connected to internet with a USB cable, then I can save the video recording on the computer, then post it on youtube?

Can someone please guide me general line of choosing a digital video camera to the financial side of the budget and angelic image function
I am a designer of hobby movies India, want to go for a camera of mine. can you please notify which camera will be a better offer contained by this case.

Does anyone can honestly recommend a mini dv cassette rewinder.?
I'm trying to save wear and tear in my DV camcorder. So I'm looking for a rewinder Mini DV tape. Any suggestions?

Can anyone inform me how to get my video from my camcorder into the computer, please!?
I have JVC GR-AXM HILAROUS and I have some tapes of my son (he is autistic) sing and dance (with songs like "Big Girls Dont Cry Fergie!" As I said this is my son! Literally know every word and every move that these artists are surrounded by their own videos and I to get this on YouTube! So I have adjectives immediately is the camera itself, the AC Adapted, and A / V cable I'm hopin 'techie' out there can lend me a hand! Please explain simply remember that I am more or less no idea this! Thanks, I really appreciate it! Danielle

"I can connect a firewire to an ExpressCard slot 54 mm?
PLEASE, PLEASE HELP! I have a digital video camera from Canon, you need a firewire port of my laptop doesn't have a single an express slot.the is a canon MD101 and I have an ExpressCard/54 into my laptop. "I can get a firewire slot and put it inside surrounded by the card slot Express? And how is it called and where on earth but I can? many thanks

"I can install a PCMCIA card in my laptop and 7088 what section number inevitable I do?
I want to run my video camera via firewire cos I lost my disc from the camcorder instlation

"TV shows I can text on my Sony Handycam DCR-e755? i mean directly … (For use like it as a tuner TV surrounded by laptop
sorry for the .. English

"I can use a Panasonic PV-GS29 as webcam?
I got an iLink, Firewire cable or cord and the inevitability i know.

"I can use my JVC GR-DVL915 to digitize vhs movies so the pass-through?
I have a DV camcorder GR-DVL915. I like it connected through the connector SVHS SVIDEO to my player. I have also connected to the computer via USB. I know how copy from the player SVHS to DV tape from the camcorder and then have it on your computer. What we like to do is take the video directly into the first recording device DV short. Does anyone have a JVC camcorder near pass through mode and know how you see this? Thanks

"I can verbs my video another who has a DVD burner? How?
I have a camcorder is a sony exotic it has firewire. MY laptop has firewire so I can however my desktop, however it has the DVD recorder. It is in any way to do it except for the addition of a FireWire PCI on the desktop? I thought about a DVD burner, but do not know if this will work? please help I have video I want on DVD! finance thanks for your help

Can someone Help?
I want to make horror movies, but I call to see what kind of new HD camcorder I can use to build the film look good? And they have a lot of features. Camera Can any pros help me?

Can anyone explain what type video cameras do? for example, MiniDV DVD Hard Disk High Definition Flash Drive
Im thinking of buying a camcorder video tape snowboard sports and movies just for fun with my friends and I realized that on hand different types of video cameras and did not know what they wanted. So if someone told me it would be especially grateful. Thanks;]

Can the Panasonic AG-DVC20 be used on a tripod?
I am looking into different mounting Shoulder Camera to buy and I like this. I know it's been holding in his shoulder, but I did not know if there was a place to attach a tripod

Stands Can hold any kind of camera?
I am doing some video clips on YouTube more today. But it's so aggravating because I have not a tripod, i own to do near what I have volatile and books using boxes stacked together to achieve effective Under what I'm videotape. "And I want to get a tripod. Stands Can hold any kind of camera? Now suffer in mind that I have a small Canon Camera can only hold 8 minutes of video. It is not a Video Camera. It is a time normal makes a Small Camera that happens to hold video.

Can relief or me on my Panasonic VDR-D310? them is shown in error under the top … ..?
The disk in drive F: Can not use. (Format Type: UDF1.5) Insert a disc in VR DVD-RAM/R/RW disc format DVD-RAM or disk formatted UDF2.0 Content

Can you "rewind" overwrite next video in a Mini Dvd Camcorder?
Hi, Can you go back and then on the contents of cassette with a mini DVD video camera similar to what one can with a MiniDV?

Can images introduction of a phone camera in the film initiator window?
I think my phone is using a format called 3GP or something that.gratitude

Can introductory video of a video camera in a team short of a SIM card?
I have a clip in my video camera but no SIM card. Is it possible to put the video on a computer though that there are so many SIM card?

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