Fits Canon Eos

Fits Canon Eos
will a nikon af nikkor lens fit a Canon Eos 10d?

I have a Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70mm 1:3.3-4.5 lens. I just purchased a Canon EOS 10D and am wondering if it will fit? Thanks for all your answers!

It isn’t worth the effort to use an adapter from that lens to a Canon body.

If that is a Nikon G lens, it doesn’t have an aperture ring, and you would need one to use it on a different body.

You need a Canon lens, or a lens made for the Canon EF mount, to work properly with your 10D. Make sure the lens is EF, as the EF-S lenses available for some Canon models will not work with a 10D, and will actually damage the camera. EF-S lenses were introduced with the Canon 300D (Digital Rebel), which came out after the 10D.

AF Confirm FD Lens to Canon EOS EF Lens Mount Adapter