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Fits Sony Alpha

Sony Alpha Dslr-a300 Review

Complete with sensors in the CCD-sized 10.2MP APS-C, Super Steadyshot In-Body, Dust reduction system, Live view, tilting 2.7 “LCD, and all other accessories, make A300 as a Dslr Camera for beginners who are very full in the features. Moreover, the prices is already bundled with the kit lens of Sony DT 18-70 F/3.5-5.6, I think this is the best buy for anyone who intends to try to dive into the world of dSLR.

The first time I get this camera, I feel this camera as a cool camera model, the form of this Sony Dslr A-300 slightly “rounded” in some part make it more compact (not the slim – but it seems very small), and more interesting for me – the design also different from the conventional dSLR. However, the design not cool as Panasonic L1, or unique like Olympus E-330, but I give credit for Sony for giving fresh accessories design.

The most part I like is the lens mount, made from metal materials, and get large diameter (even more than the mounting of the lens), plus there is the color orange, so that at the time of the lens attached, you can still see a thin orange line on with metal color which I very interesting to see.

The grip also comfortable in the hold, and also with the weight of the fitting, not too heavy not too light.

Materials used is quite visible plasticy, but it’s reasonably well, with the price because I do not expect too much.

Apart from that, which also attract attention from me is low built-in flash (there are two sensors in the viewfinder for flash) and this make the built-in flash not as high in the body location (even lower than the A200), and have small view finder, which tend to be smaller than “the brother” A200, and of course also darker.

However, it can be compensated with the presence of the live view that shows 90% of the frame. One thing that is different is the form of the grip for A200 with the A300/350, I more like the grip form from A200, because it is more convenient and held steady for.

Skin tone reproduction in a natural feel, there is no deviation in color and certain color casting.

Noise at high ISO are very awake, and I feel it’s better than the version of N, although not as good as C.

The Super Steadyshot really feel great, and it is very useful in many situations, I always turn it on and off only when using a tripod.

The dust cleaning sensor seem normally altough I still rate the dust reduction from Olympus as the most effective and best.

Details are also recorded good enough – although the lens also helps to determine it, but it is very good for 10MP camera.

There is also RAW + JPEG format, the RAW format to helps you to choosing the photos which you need to edit the photo intensively and which are already good in JPEG format.

Autofocus is also not too noisy, and compatible with a A-bayonet from Minolta and Sony. I do not know whether the old lens can work with the Super Steadyshot such as Pentax, but most likely can not, because I found no news about the used of old lens from other users of this camera.

Batteries also have infolithium that can provide accurate information per 1%, and the surprise is on the CIPA standard, the battery can be used to take 750 pictures, you can try to compare with others who can only take pictures averages 500-550.


– 10.2 MP CCD is very good and can record the detail sharp enough.

– The super-steadyshot in body, so that any lens you put will already have the anti-shake, so you don’t need to buy expensive lens if you not need it..

– The Live view is supported by 2 sensor, so you can do autofocus without delay and see the changes of focus on your display screen, and you are guaranteed not to lose the moment, not like others camera when using live view.

– The 2.7 inc screen display which can move up and down can give you space and creativity to take the picture

– Noise is controlled at high ISO levels.

– The price is very competitive compared with others camera in same level with the myriad of features.

– Availability of many accessories.

– The made is very good, although it’s plastic look.

– AF is fast even in the area with low contrast and low light.

– AWB is very good, although can be better.

– AF point is enough, there are 9, you can set the composition more easily.


– The noise can be better.

– No Top LCD.

– Different grip and body.

– Dust reduction not too good and noisy.

– Sony lens are expensive

– The standard setting are less then good, there must be a re-set for the color, specially for the vivid colors.

– Sony looks very commercial, and even the LCD protective cover, close hotshoe, must be purchased separately.

– The price for battery grip are expensive and over then others camera in the same levels

Overall, the Sony A300 is a very good choice for beginners. I would suggest A300 than A200, which does not have a live view, and also the price does not differ too much.

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