Fits Sony Cybershot

Fits Sony Cybershot
effing memory card for Sony Cybershot?

okay, so, do i NEED to buy a Memory Stick Pro duo for the cybershot? .. or can i just use the random memory card i use for my other camera and put an adaptor on it so it can fit into the cybershot?
if you have a problem with somebody’s attitute then don’t answer their question.

What memory card did you use on your other camera?

Many times a week, we give a”heads up” to those buying Sony’s to let them know that it uses a proprietary memory card which only works with other Sony products.

Many of us know that all but three camera companies use the popular SD memory card.

If you intend to keep the Sony, then yes, you will have to buy Memory Sticks for it. If you decide to take it back for a refund, then you need to make sure you buy a camera that will use the memory cards you have.

If your draw to the Sony was the “touch screen” feature on some of the Sony’s, you should have been made aware by the salesperson that touch screens become scratched over time.

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