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Compact Flash Memory Cards

Compact Flash Memory Card is a data storage device used for portable electronic devices. We can also use it with CF card slot with an adapter.

Compact Flash Memory Card is first introduced by SanDisk in year 1994 and also the most successful brands. Compact Flash Sandisk Extreme Iii is one of the popular memory cards with the capacity of 16 GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. It consumes less power and has very less transfer speeds.

You can use flash memory card for:

1. Media Storage: One of the best features of memory card is its data storage quantity. You can store your media like picture clips, video clips, audio files or any content because of its memory card is up to Gigabyte. It is very small in size it makes portable.

2. Greeting Card: There is always an occasion around us. You can use flash memory card to send a CD greeting card. With the large storage sizes you can afford to have multimedia in your ecards.

3. Sharing files – Flash memory cards are also used to share file as well as for transferring files from one computer to another. If you need to do this often, here’s a best way. Carry with you a Usb Card Reader. Most of them are very compact and no heavier than your Cell Phone. Doing this has advantages over carrying a flash memory drive.

4. An e-Book Library-. Are you a book worm? One tiny flash memory card can store a lot of e-Books. You can store whole libraries of e-Books in various topics either on one card or dedicate one for each topic you are interested in. Again, they are easy to share and very portable – you’ll never run out of reading material again even when on the road.

5. Run small software – You can also run from the card itself, no need to install it on your computer. This is particularly helpful when you’re using someone else’s computer. Now you can carry your software with you too.

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