Flash Trigger Nikon

Flash Trigger Nikon
How do i trigger my flashes off the camera without wires. I have a small budget.?

I have a nikon D40 and i have two extra flashes for it plus the built in one. I would like to be able to utilise the two extra flashes so that i can start a small studio for freinds and family but would really like to be able to fire the flashes without a wire going to them. I know this is possible but i dont know the cheapest way of doing this.

Any tips?

you don’t say what extra flashes you have. The built in flash on the D40 unfortunately will not work in commander mode. So it will not power the creatuve lighting system for multiflash iTTL.. If one of the other flashes is the SB800 or SB900 they will work as commander for the creative lighting system.

If they are not those flashes then you will have to set the flashes power manually The cheapest way would be the cords you do not want to use. Lacking that you need to get slave units for the flashes as the next step up in proce or a better option radio controls and similar devices ( like the pocket wizard) to fire the flashes but that cost more.

Why don’t you go to strobist.com and go through the lighting 101 section it will describe your options and teach you some setups

I hope this helps

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