Flower Camera Lens

Flower Camera Lens
I have 18-200 mm nikon, lookin to get a new lens, what should I get?

Hello, newbie photography enthusiast here. I have a Nikon Dslr with an 18-200 mm lens.

I am looking to get 2 lenses with my tax return. My budget for each is around 500 or less.

The first one, I need a micro lens to try to capture sharp/crisp insects, flowers, etc.

The 2nd lens, I need something because my 18-200 mm doesn’t seem to have low enough depth of field (blurry backgrounds). So I was thinking of getting a 50 mm with f/1.4 to blur backgrounds and still have a crisp focus of the subject. Would the 50 mm with f/1.4 be good for this? Or given the 18-200 mm lens I have would you get something else?


P.S. the camera I have is a D300, which is TOO much camera for me at this point. I upgraded from a G10 to a D300, big step up but i’m glad I got it, i love the build quality unlike the rebels.

Well you wont be able to get both for under $500 each. The Nikkor 105mm F2.8 micro is the best choice for the macro shots. It cost $850 though. The upside is that it is great for regular shots as well. The large aperture will give you the shallow depth of field that you are looking for as well.

If you want to add a 50mm prime you should look at the Nikkor 50mm F1.8. Cost is about $129. The lens is cheaply built but is a very sharp large aperture lens. You can’t go wrong with it. Both Nikon and Canon make one and it is referred to as the Nifty Fifty. For the money everyone should have one in their bag.

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