Flower Lens Hood

Flower Lens Hood
What is the Flower Lens Hood used for?

I own a Sony Dsc H-7 and it came with a thing called a flower lens hood. I don’t usually use it because I do not know what it is for. Can anyone give me details about it, and what it is used for and/or when to use it? Thanks to all who answer!!

You use it all the time to keep stray light from getting into your lens where it will cause internal reflections. If you don’t use it your pictures could look washed out. It doesn’t only keep sunlight out – but all sorts of other lights you may be near.

I use it all the time – only take it off when you are going to use flash…to avoid casting a shadow on your pictures..

333 Flower Lens Hood 58mm[WisMencoder Encoded].avi