Fuji Finepix

Fuji Finepix

Fuji F40fd, FinePix film

Capture the moments

Click on smooth, breaking, color and image details 8-megapixel Fuji Finepix F40fd digital Film Camera. Savor the unforgettable moments of joy and fun captured on camera FinePix F40fd digital.

Key Features

Let the occasion be it wedding, party or picnic photos taken by Fuji Film Finepix F40fd-digital always work impressive. The 8-megapixel resolution CCD sensor provides excellent image quality with accurate colors in the future. The 3x optical zoom and 6.9 Digital Zoom to bring your subject closer and gives crisp, detailed images. It has face detection technology that optimizes focus, exposure and color of multiple faces at once, by what you get the perfect picture every time. Real Photo Technology provides high quality images that are rich in color, detail and sharpness. stabilization mode image using a high ISO to capture blur-free images without worrying about shaking hands. The Intelligent Flash balanced exposure to light the scene without losing detail in the foreground or background.

It has built-in flash and red eye reduction so you get clear pictures without distortion or red-eye effect. The memory slot helps you to use SD or XD card to store lots of images and video. It comes with a USB interface for transferring images or videos to computer connectivity with audio-video interface. 2.5? LCD screen makes it easy to take photos, read menus that appear display other characteristics, even in bright sunlight without eye strain.


Fuji Film-FinePix F40fd Digital Camera in silver. It is elegant and compact. The graphical user interface has less time to implement it, the button layout are such that can be easily operated without any problem. With the dimension of 95.7 x 23.3 x 59 mm and weighing 155 grams, is thinner and lighter weight.


The Fujifilm FinePix F40fd Digital Camera is a point and shoot camera friendly. Most people will be satisfied with the images they receive from this model. It is a good job of producing excellent images in most lighting conditions.

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